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The following restaurants are ones that I know will accommodate you.  There are many others as well.

River Mill

    2 Cataraqui


    to see their menu:

    They are very accommodating – will modify a menu item to make it gluten free


Aquaterra By Clark

    1 Johnson St.


    menu on web site:

    They are very accommodating and understand the gluten free concept, will modify menu items to make them gluten free


Chez Piggy

    68-R Princess St.


    menu on web site:

    they know about gluten free and will tell you which items on the menu are gluten free – also willing to substitute


Bella Bistro

    4050 Bath Rd.


    menu on web site:

    they will substitute menu items and tell you which items are gluten free


Silly Yak

    1365 Midland Ave


    menu on web site:

    a gluten free restaurant, enjoyed by many of our members, can also buy some gluten free baking


Dong Nai Restaurant

    575-A Princess St


    web site:

    gluten free menu items are indicated on the menu, many of our members go here


Gananoque Inn and Spa

    550 Stone St., Gananoque


    web site:

    adjustments made for gluten free, if asked, has dinner and theatre packages



Ramekins Casual Fine Dining

    1540 Bath Road


    web site:

    menus available on line, gluten free friendly



Some of the pizza restaurants have gluten free pizza’s.  Phone ahead to find out.

Here is a facebookpage for: Gluten-Free-Eating-Out-in-Kingston-Ontario

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